Just like the movie "Groundhog Day", Punta San Carlos was stuck on March until early July.  The wind machine worked overtime and combined with a series of West & South swells made for a splendid time for all that visited one of the world's best wave sailing points.

The wave sailing season has been blessed with surf in all shapes and sizes including 2 South Swell Alert qualifiers.  Truly it has been a season of extremes.  July has ushered in an attempt to return to normalcy but has knee jerked back into the "same ole" several times. FREAKIN WINDY!

We're all hoping that the AWT CACTUS CUP competition will be blessed with a good dose of the first half of the season of extremes. 

Ironically, PSC's best kept secret of empty wave sessions in June & July still persists and those in the know, sailed & kited in virtually empty conditions.  Where were you?  In addition, there is limited space in the Fall, SAH's most popular time.  To get on the books, call 949.289.7779 for more info or reservations.

First Half Instructional Events Deliver for Guests
SAH's Instructional event series scored major marks with guests so far this year.  Matt Pritchard's Wave camp & Wyatt Miller's Windsurfing clinic enjoyed wind & waves for their venues.  Both Matt & Wyatt will be back this year continuing their instructional clinics.  These events are great ways to improve your sailing.

space available 
Wyatt Miller Windsurfing Clinic October 15-22 space available

Matt training 1on1 Wyatt student KMAC - Bombie ramp
The British are Coming!!
Famed British windsurfing Coach Jem Hall along with his posse are joining us again in August 13-27

Jem Hall is in love with PSC.  This will be his 4th season with us. Jem's unique drill sergeant style of coaching gets results.  We've never seen such a passionate instructor grace the Campo.  Gordon Ramsey's got nothing on ole Jembo.  It's always fun when the Brits come to town with their zest for sailing and their "across the pond" bar side antics.  Space is available for booking this time period  independent of the Jem Hall Event.
PSC/SAH receives guests from Guadalajara/ Puerto Vallarta
There was recently a most unusual crew in the SAH Campo.  8 kiters from Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta, their pilot and a Pilatus aircraft experienced a good south swell with wind in early July.  On advice from SAH family member Kim Albarran also from Guadalajara this group all agreed that PSC measured up.  Rumor has it they will return in the Fall - Thanks Kim, hope to see you & Rene back again!

Checkout & bookmark our YOUTUBE video page for  the latest hot action at PSC


SUP - the best of 2 worlds 
SUP is the latest sport to take PSC by storm.  For those that just don't want to kite but hold tailgate time with equal distain - Welcome to SUP.  PSC offers another world-class venue for visitors that want to check off more than one sport during the course of a day.  Don a paddle for the morning glass and add a sail for the light wind ramp up to 18-25.  Don't get left behind - there's always something to do at PSC.

Lot's goin on down here - why not join us for some Summer fun until then it's Hasta Pronto!

AWT to hold Event in PSC
It's been a while since there was a competition at PSC.  The last being the Tropical Energy Challenge in 2004 - hosting some of the world's best wave sailors including Jason Polokow & Kauli Seadi. 

Now the newly formed American Windsurfing Tour has brought quality competition back to PSC in the form of the San Carlos CACTUS CUP - July 30-August 6, 2011. PSC is one in a series of AWT events to be held in 2011.  Santa Cruz, Pistol River, Cape Hatteras and Hookipa round out the competition schedule.  Judging for the event is managed by pro sailor Matt Pritchard who has put together a stellar crew of judges.

Contest Director Sam Bittner has indicated that there are over 40 competitors that have already signed up the PSC event.  There is also an outside chance Robby Naish may participate as well.  Robbie has never been to PSC.  It's time Robbie.

This is proving to be quite an event.  Whether attending as a participant or spectator, your participation and support of this event will be very worthwhile to windsurfing.  A special thanks to Director Sam Bittner for her stoke and dedication to keeping windsurfing thriving in North America.  Click the icon above for more AWT news.  Best get here early for a good camping spot.

Blessed with great wind & waves the contest was a smashing success!  We are putting together a recap for the web to be up shortly!  Here's a sneak peek

It's time again to learn & burn as you complete your Continuing Medical Education requirement.  Dr. John Savage is hosting this years event and is currently signing up participants.  If you're interested in combining business with pleasure, click this link for more info  CME
Sept. 17-24 also available for general booking

Ride and learn with Brian while getting bike fit, plus suspension tuning and mechanic tips and tricks from Joe.   


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