This is truly an international year in the campo.  We've booked guests from over 25 different countries with more on the way.
Our newest market niche - educational field trips, has been the major source but we've also seen a significant increase in sailors from all over the globe.  From Mauritania to Argentina, Norway, Australia and the Ukraine, the list keeps growing.  And all these folks have one thing in common, they love San Carlos and they love those Baja Fogs!      here's the list

We've just finished up our EZZY Rig-Rip with some great highlights and we've got loads of other news to tell you so bust out a fog and get comfortable. Oh you don't know Fog's yet? - look below, run to the frig, we'll wait.

We've known it for awhile now.  Punta San Carlos is about more than water sports.  Our Mountain bike program has really taken off this year and our cultural program is now a staple on our adventure holiday menu.

We are very excited about our newest market niche - Educational Field Trips.  This year we have hosted groups from the Montana State University and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  Geology is the topic of the day as the local area offers a world class venue of rare examples of the ancient sea floor.  Instructors indicate that San Carlos offers one of the best walk through classrooms of natural wonders, in the world.  The mix of watermen and students sparks very eclectic conversations of the ancient natural history of the area as well as exhibitions of all water sports.  It is important to note that even though our guest is count is up, our newest program has had zero impact on the water.  Can't say the same for the banos.

Despite the differences in interests, one common bond seems to be the Baja Fog.  Every evening, Poobah Trejo initiates the newbies with a ritual steeped in San Carlos tradition After a few incantations and a guzzling or two, the pledges are welcomed into the fold with guessed it, another Fog.  More on the Fog later in the zine.

We are planning to host more field trips in the future. Anthropology, Biology, Marine Biology, and many more fields of study have great potential.  If you know of an educational group that would benefit from our guest services, please pass this on....we will certainly make it worth your while!  Ed


The summer really heated up when the Ezzy's came to town.  Graham Ezzy, straight from the pro contest circuit in Europe, picked up the pointer & started class. On the third week he was joined by his dad and younger brother Haydn.  Attendees enjoyed the clinic as well as sampling many of the mountain bike trails, the newest craze - standup paddle boarding, surfing and of course wave sailing with Graham.  One of the highlights of the week was a wave sailing contest among the attendees. In the group were 5 lads from England, our good friends from Montreal, Quebec - the Big Mama group & a cute English couple on extended holiday - Gwen & Dan.  Final consensus - a good time was had by all. Graham is off again to Princeton U as a first year student - Good Job & Good Luck, Graham!

When you spend as much time at Punta San Carlos as we do, you begin to notice many natural wonders in the landscape. Over the years we have seen many formations resembling faces - what do you think? Have you ever seen other faces not shown here.  Let us know.  The first five photos are faces.  The cactus photo is summer solstice marker near the point, then there is the most recent summer solstice on the mesa & finally the scorpius constellation, a prominent constellation in the summer night sky -revered by the native peoples.

 More than just Water Sports

Several years ago I  started  mountain biking in San Carlos.
Shortly thereafter, We began making single track trails in the hills behind camp.  Today there are over 60 miles of single track
covering the gambit of ability level from family fun to technical.  It was during this time of riding outside of the view of the ocean that I began to realize that Punta San Carlos was more than just water sports.  It reminded me of a Pacific Islander expression - "Standing on the backs of whales fishing for minnows." 

Since that time the SoloSports team has pursued the possibilities of other activities at the camp with great success.  This year we have hosted our first educational field trips.  We are working on more for 2008.  We also offer a series of cultural tours  exclusively for our SoloSports guests.

Although they are still at the dream stage,  we foresee the day when we will offer overnight horseback adventures to the mesa and points eastward.  Then there are corporate team-building events,  sales retreats and even special healthy lifestyle seminars.  The sky is the limit!

We are currently designing interpretive displays to enhance our multi-use trails experience. We are highlighting points of interest and botanical information. Whether you mountain bike, run, jog, or hike, our trails are the perfect way to help you experience all that is San Carlos.

But for those of you that can't seem to break your minds and bodies free of the sea, don't fear.  Along with everything else we are dreaming about, in our hearts & minds - its still  about riding the wave, on a surfboard, kite board or sailboard.  SALUD

Kevin Trejo

4 Copas Blanco Tequila

A double silver medal winner in 2005/2006 at the SF Spirits Competition, 4 Copas Blanco is a white tequila and is considered the ‘pure spirit’ by connoisseurs for its fresh, cooked-agave taste. After it is distilled, 4 Copas Blanco is immediately brought to the bottling line’s receiving tanks where it is dissolved in de-mineralized water and is then promptly filtered and bottled.

4 Copas Blanco is a most versatile spirit as it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a sipping tequila due to its extra smooth qualities or as part of a delicious margarita given it's lemon-lime, peppery finish harmonizing perfectly with freshly squeezed lime juice and a squirt of agave nectar!!  Ed-


Matt's first wave camp back in April with Team Saskatchewan brought high praise from the group.  Along with Kevin McGillivray, the  instructors dazzled the crew with a complete list of tips & tricks, from power jibes, tacks, back loops and forwards to basic rigging tips and wave knowledge.  Kevin Mac's best  girl Lisa served up the fun from behind the bar at the Chili-bomb    cantina & full time confessional.  See Lisa below behind the bar. 
Team Saskatchewan, a lively group from the cold blue north, were quick to take over the bar, the activity room & the gear room. Boomer, their mascot, technical & spiritual guru, kept everyone in stitches with his antics and hijinks.  Team Sask are  among the few strong sailing clubs in the world.  SoloSports is proud to support this great organization in their efforts to keep windsurfing alive and well. GREAT JOB GUYS!

"We could have sold more space for the clinic but we have found that too many students detracts from the intimacy of one on one instruction" said SoloSports owner Kevin Trejo. To satisfy the demand, we worked out the details for another wave camp in September and we're jazzed to have the Matt team back." 

check out this link  

There is still a few spaces left for this super event.  Call 949.289.7779 to make your reservation - ED

Looking more like a "MASH" reunion than a band practice the original WINDTRACKS team is indeed back on the case of producing great art.  Clay Feeter at the helm has enlisted or is it seditioned the original "Wild Bunch"-  Glenn Dubock, Steve West, Tom Byrnes, Drew Kampion, Dana Miller, Clark Merritt, Kurt Feeter & a long sordid cast list of waterlogged characters to create his latest fantasy, Windsurf Journal.  Partnering with a French e-zine of the same name, Clay intends this printed pub to host International coverage with the core being windsurfing and the sports that compliment it. The SoloSports Campstore is the official Baja field office, pressroom and teahouse for the staff and will have issues for sale.

First issue is in March 2008. Click the links below for the scoop and subscription info. SALUD CLAY! its been a ling time. -ED

Mountain biking San Carlos is an experience not to be missed. Don't worry about a level of difficulty beyond your abilities.  We have trails for everyone including the whole family.

From the adventure filled Badlands to the scenic Top of the World, there are over 60 miles of single track waiting to thrill you.  We are currently completing our trail signs which will provide important information to maximize your ride enjoyment.

When you pack your mountain bike, don't forget extra tubes.  Having your tires slimed is also a great way to keep on riding. SoloSports guests should pack their special pedals and other personalized items.  Mountain bikes and helmets are included with the price of the all SoloSports Adventure Holidays.  See ya on the trails!


We've seen some old familiar faces around camp this year with the anticipation of seeing others later this season.  Pioneer PSC sailor Tom Servais, a free-lance surf photo journalist dropped by to reminisce and promote his SURFERS JOURNAL photo book -very impressive Tom!   Buck Lyons of Vela Vacations and friend Rick Lowry flew in to check out the campo and savor the side off delights for a few days this spring.  Jeff (golden throat) King another PSC pioneer, is reported to be coming home to PSC this September with a few friends...Hide the women!  It is rumored that Jeff's pal famous 60's surfer Mike Doyle is kiting now.  Speaking of kiting...Kite board shaper John Amundsen proudly admitted that he has taken up windsurfing at Backyards North Shore Oahu. there is hope for world peace!  He and Chris Strong were on hand for a freak south swell in July.  And speaking of world peace! !! Rich Myers, discoverer of PSC as a wave sailing destination will be in camp with his son Ry in October to work with Windsurf Journal on a  life & times feature. It will almost be 20 years since his last session on the point.  And speaking of the Journal, look for articles on Kevin Trejo and Punta San Carlos - part ll to appear sometime next year.

1989 -Tarit Tanjisiri attempts to tickle the technical on his patented forward loop, sail bounce dismount into 2 ft. of water - funny, it never caught on.

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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