Simply put,  It's an open reservation,  paid in full for future travel.  There are benefits  when buying a "Ticket2Ride".

You avoid price increases - in today's  world, price increases are inevitable.  Gas, food, just about everything in our lives is costing more.  With a "Ticket2 Ride" you are immune to price increases.

Core "Ticket2Ride " holders  tell us that  it's a lot easier to get permission from those  decision makers in our lives when you are already holding  a reservation than  without one.  It is also the perfect gift for those special occasions or just to say you're worth it.  We can also give you a card if it is a gift.  Now as a special bonus.....

If  you book and pay in full for a "Ticket 2 Ride" for the next  year, we will give  you $300 off your package price.

Call our reservations dept. for more information and reservations - 949.289.7779 or email  -

Booking your "Ticket2Ride"

We've made booking your "Ticket2Ride" easy.    Call our reservation number 1-949-289-7779 and request your "Ticket2Ride".  Provide us with payment  and we will send you a confirmation.

Now, when you are ready to travel, call our reservation phone line  or contact us via e-mail  to make a reservation.   Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. 

Other Options

Another popular way to purchase a "Ticket2Ride" is with our Gift Card  service.  For those that wish to surprise that special someone with a trip you can purchase our Gift Card with a "Ticket2Ride" option.  We will send you a Gift Card with instructions for the recipient.  For more info on Gift Cards click below.




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