Oteniel Jorge Monteiro – known to everyone simply as  “Mitu” – was born in Cape Verde in 1983.  A true waterman, he surfs, SUPs, windsurfs, designs boats and boards, and kites at a level that has to be seen to be believed. Mito’s had a deep passion for the ocean since childhood and is famous for being the pioneer of strapless kiting, but that was only because he didn’t have enough money to afford straps! He’s one of the founders of the KSP World Tour, has set up two successful kitesurfing centers, and designed several renowned kiteboard models. He’s won the Wave World Championship and finished second three other times.

Since 2010 Mitu has organized a number of coaching camps for kiters who want to get into the waves for the first time, sharpen their skills, or take a shot at doing it strapless. His passion is only equaled by his humble manner and his years of teaching – and ability to speak six languages – makes him the ideal instructor for the international audience that flocks to Punta San Carlos’ legendary breaks. He excels at dialing his teaching to the individual needs and skills of every kiter to help you make a big jump in your confidence and skills on the water.

Ready to take your game to the next level while experiencing the best watersports adventure on the planet?


PSC is set in a south-facing bay that sucks up every swell generated by storms in the southern Pacific. There’s a ton of terrain to cover, but most of the action is centered around the four main breaks that sit right in front of our Base Camp and extend down to the point

If the wave Gods ever set out to design a spot just for novices, this is it! Located right in front of our camp and close in to shore, it’s the textbook beginner break. From an easy launch with predictable swells and a channel to ease getting outside, it offers enough protection to keep from getting swept downwind and facing the “walk of shame” back to camp. Perfect for developing your skills and style.

Sitting just beyond the beach break and slightly upwind of camp, “the Bomby” delivers waves that are a bit bigger than the beachbreak and are great for jumping. (Just remember to point that nose way downwind to accommodate the side-off breeze!). Since the Bomborra sits in that zone that is just on the edge of the open ocean and the protection of the bay it makes it a great “next step” in your progression

You’ve seen it in the videos and the magazines. You’ve dreamt about carving down its slow, hypnotically curling line. This is the grail that made all those surf rats from SoCal tried to keep it a secret for so long back in the day: An insanely long point break wave for advanced wave riders. Sweeping off the open water, it has more juice than the Bomborra but serves up a textbook wave that unfolds into the open flats of the Chili Bowl.

Sitting just south of the Point, this is a bending reef break in an open bay. Since you get uninterrupted swell sweeping in from the ocean before smacking the reef, this wave is faster than the others and offers the options of going left or right down the line. Although it may take a couple of long reaches to get back upwind to Camp, the vast, open vistas of the Chili Bowl deliver a solitary kiting experience that you’ll never forget.


Skill levels

Punta San Carlos is an intermediate-to-advanced kitesurf destination. As a dedicated wave break, you must already know how to confidently ride and stay upwind, launch and land in challenging conditions (breaking waves and limited beach space), and know how to self-rescue before kitesurfing at PSC. While we support the development of skills in more advanced conditions both informally and through our Kite Camps, we do not teach beginning kitesurfing at Solo Sports. But if you’re confident on flat water and looking for that next level in the sport, PSC offers great conditions for intermediate-to-expert kiters to learn wave-riding.

Personal Equipment

With our all-inclusive package, all of the kite gear is provided. No need to pack your rig and worry about all the hassles of traveling with gear – all you need to bring is your own wetsuit and harness. Since air and water temperatures (and personal tolerances) vary throughout the year, we recommend bringing a spare suit just in case. Spring into early summer generally calls for 4/3 or 3/2 fullsuits; summer can be 3/2 full or comp suits to shortys. While we even get a few days that are trunk worthy, it’s always better to be prepared rather than miss a session cause your shivering!  If you forget yours or run out of room in your bag, we always have a few extra waist harnesses on hand and are proud to provide Ride Engine harnesses for guests to demo during their stay. 


Beyond the excitement of kiting in world-class conditions in an otherworldly, multi-sport location, one of the best parts of any trip is the chance to get your hands on some top gear from leading brands and put it to the test rather than read about it in a magazine. We’ve got the latest boards from Slingshot and Fone, plus custom boards designed for the waves – with and without straps. These are paired with kites in every size: Slingshot RPMs, Wave SSTs and Rallys, Fone Bandits, and specialized wave kites like the BWS AE2.


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