One of the most amazing things about the conditions at Punta San Carlos is that it offers the perfect venue for instruction across a number of sports. If you’re an intermediate or better, this is the place to come if you want to up your game!

We offer a range of unique instructional clinics hosted by some of the best instructors in windsurfing, kiting, SUPing, and surfing. Beyond having been pros – or even world champs – our instructors understand the value of having good conditions for coaching you to the next level. With the convenient location of Solo’s camp, you can attend instructional sessions or work on dry land training just a few feet from the water’s edge and the typical week-long clinic is the perfect amount of time to wire your new moves.

Pro Clinics Schedule

Colin Dixon Instructional Windsurf Wavecamps


Freestyle champ and globe-trotting professional coach, Dixon brings a proven approach to taking your sailing to the next level.

Matt Pritchard Instructional Windsurf Wavecamps


A world champ who delivers hands-on technique evaluation with both video and photography make this the most fun educational experience you’ve ever had!

Ben Wilson Instructional Kite Wavecamps


A pioneer in the sport, Ben travels the world teaching and chasing big waves.

Jem Hall Instructional Windsurf Wavecamps


A professional coach, instructor, writer, board tester, shape developer, and world-class motivator whose totally focused on improving your windsurfing.

Wyatt Miller Instructional Windsurf Wavecamp


With land lessons, personalized-on water coaching, and post-sesh video analysis, having two experts on hand adds a different dimension to the learning process.

Step up your game!

Don’t hold back from taking the next step in your sailing – learn from the best the sport has to offer in world class conditions you’ll never forget. Space is limited to small groups.