Surfers were the original explorers who discovered Punta San Carlos (PSC) back in the eighties and it’s no surprise that they kept coming back. Although the afternoon winds put a dent in many of their days, the consistent barrels they found led to them speaking of the point break here in hushed tones once they headed back north and crossed the border for years. Today, PSC has a swell for every level of surfer – from novices on their first paddle out to experienced surfers seeking shack time in the Green Room.

Soul, stoke, and swell.

Endless sets, just a few folks out, complete strangers smile and wave you onto the next wave – Punta San Carlos puts the soul back in surfing!


PSC is set in a south-facing bay that sucks up every swell generated by storms in the southern Pacific. There’s a ton of terrain to cover, but most of the action is centered around the four main breaks that sit right in front of our Base Camp and extend down to the point check em out

If the wave Gods ever set out to design a spot just for novices, this is it! Located right in front of our camp and close in to shore, it’s the textbook beginner break. From an easy launch with predictable swells and a channel to ease getting outside, it offers enough protection to keep from getting swept down current and facing the “walk of shame” back to camp. Perfect for developing your skills and style.

Sitting just beyond the beach break and slightly upwind of camp, “the Bomby” delivers waves that are a bit bigger than the beachbreak. Since the Bomborra sits in that zone that is just on the edge of the open ocean and the protection of the bay it makes it a great “next step” in your progression

You’ve seen it in the videos and the magazines. You’ve dreamt about carving down its slow, hypnotically curling line. This is the grail that made all those surf rats from SoCal tried to keep it a secret for so long back in the day: An insanely long point break wave for advanced wave riders. Sweeping off the open water, it has more juice than the Bomborra but serves up a textbook wave that unfolds into the open flats of the Chili Bowl.

Sitting just south of the Point, this is a bending reef break in an open bay. Since you get uninterrupted swell sweeping in from the ocean before smacking the reef, this wave is faster than the others and offers the options of going left or right down the line. Although it may take a long paddle – or a bit of a walk – to get back to Camp, the vast, open vistas of the Chili Bowl will deliver a soulful surf experience that you’ll never forget.


Skill levels

Punta San Carlos is an ideal spot for every level of surfer. The breaks right in fromt of our base Cam is perfect for first timers learning to read the sets and catch a wave. If you’ve never surfed before, our staff is happy to help pick out the best board, give you a brief land lesson, and assist you with finding the perfect first wave to ride to shore. Seasoned surfers will want to stroll down to the point break for the bigger swells that can take them deep into the Chili Bowl.

Personal Equipment

With our all-inclusive package, we’ve got a wide range of boards from classic logs all the way down to advanced short board shapes available, leahed, and ready to go – all you need to bring is your own wetsuit. Since air and water temperatures (and personal tolerances) vary throughout the year, we recommend bringing a spare suit just in case. Spring into early summer generally calls for 4/3 or 3/2 fullsuits; summer can be 3/2 full or comp suits to shortys. While we even get a few days that are trunk worthy, it’s always better to be prepared rather than miss a session cause your shivering!  


Punta San Carlos delivers the best of old school style: zero crowds and plenty of open waves just waiting to be caught – take a look!