The best place on the planet to learn sail (windsurfing and kiteboarding), SUP, Surfing, Desert Mt Biking

15 years ago I visited Kevin Trejio at Punta San Carlos. Now 20 years into a life long dream – he continues to create a magical experience for the extreme athlete. There I nothing easy or safe about Punta San Carlos but it is one of the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding places you will ever visit. I learned to windsurf wave sail 15 years ago. This time I went back to kiteboard. The waves are friendly because they pitch-up but don’t break top to bottom. Bombora and the Point can get huge and when it is firing the wave is over a mile long. The slightly off-shore breeze allows you to catch a wave, ride it as long as you want and then take one tack and catch another. The food is epic. Tent accommodations as comfortable as a tent can be. And you will never go hungry or thirsty with some of the best food and one of the best bars imaginable in the middle of wind swept desert. Now with plane access – what was a 9 hour drive is a 2 hour plane flight. I plan on going back every year and spending at least a week.
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